We gather on Sundays to celebrate God, share our faith and spend time together.


Every Sunday

4:30 PM – 6 PM


La Chapelle de la Plage

768 Boulevard de la Dune

40150 Soorts-Hossegor



French, English, German, Swiss, Australian… You’ll find all sort of nationalities at Surf Church Hossegor. It’s why everything during the service is translated in French and English.


We usually spend some time singing songs of worship together. The songs are sung in both French and English, you can stand or sit, join in or just enjoy the atmosphere.


Each week we will hear a talk, delivered in both French and English, that helps us understand more about God and ourselves. We use the Bible as the basis of our teaching and we share stories about our lives and our experience. The talk lasts about 20 mins and is followed by conversation or a creative personal activity.


We love kids at Surf Church, families are always welcome. There are toys and activities available by the front entrance when you arrive. During the talk we invite the kids to go out and spend some time learning about Jesus using crafts, stories, songs and fun. Our kids groups are for kids aged 3-7yr and 8-14yr.


Prayer is talking with God about what we are doing together. We spend time each Sunday praying with each other and for our communities. We believe that God is present and active in our lives. Praying is one of the ways we get to talk with God, share our hearts, worries, dreams and struggles and hear what He has to say too. If you would like prayer, please speak to one of the hosts on the day who will be happy to help.


Who is God? Why are we here? How can I move beyond my past? We share our thoughts and stories with each other in order to answer these questions and support each other in life. Community is created by chatting, sharing food, or playing games on the beach once the service has finished.