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Visiting Surf Church is simple as it can get. You are free to come and go and we are always happy to welcome you. This section will give you some key information if you plan on coming.


First of all, did you find the right church ? If you’re at La Chapelle de la plage at Hossegor and everybody is chilled and casual? You’re at Surfchurch!
Check out our full program to know more.

Our Program

Does it smells coffee and homemade cakes? Great ! The Surfer’s Up Cafe is probably around. Go check it out. Grab a drink, have a cookie, jump into discussions. [link to Surf’s up cafe page]



French, English, German, Swiss, Australian… You find all sort of nationalities in Hossegor. It’s why most of the activities at Surfchurch aretranslated in French and English.

  • French

  • English


We gather every Sunday as a community, for our weekend service. It usually contain some songs of worship and a moment of teaching from the Bible. But if you want to know more detail about it, please check out our What to expect page.

What to expect ?

Finally, at the end of the service, we might as well have some more jokes to tell, more projects to discuss, more dream to think of. So don’t go too quickly!

What’s next ?

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